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Determine the Concentration of the Unknown Strong Acid

In this activity you will use the virtual lab to determine the concentration of a strong monoprotic acid. To do this, you can perform a titration using NaOH and phenolphthalein found in the virtual lab. (Note: The concentration of the acid is between 0.025M and 2.5M so you will need to dilute the NaOH solution so that the volume to reach the endpoint is between 10 and 50 mL).

Once you have determined the concentration of the acid, please enter your answer into a form at the bottom of this page. In this problem, your results will be recorded to a gradebook file. You will receive either a Pass (correctly solved) or a Fail (did not correctly determine the concentration after 3 guesses). Because your results are graded, please make sure that you are able to solve the practice version of this problem before attempting this experiment.