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Determining Concentration of an unknown HCl Solution

Using the Virtual Laboratory design and perform an experiment to determine the concentration of the unknown HCl solution to four significant figures. The concentrations of the HCl and NaOH are ~ 0.1M and ~ 1M, respectively. Solid KHP is provided. Please fill out the feedback form below when finished with the experiment.

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Please answer the conclusion question and click the "Check" to check your answer. Once you have successfully answered the conclusion question, please answer the follow up questions and print this page for your teacher.

What is the concentration of unknown HCl Solution? (Please give your answer to four significant figures.)


What are the Volumes of NaOH and HCl used in your final titration. (Please give your answers to four significant figures.)

mL of NaOH         mL of HCl    


You were given ~1M solution of NaOH and asked to dilute it 10 times before standardizing it with a KHP standard solution. You were then going to use the NaOH to determine the concentration of and unknown HCl solution to 4 significant figures. What piece of glassware should you use to measure out the NaOH for the dilution?

 a). 25 mL pipet

 b). 10 mL pipet

 c). 25 mL graduated cylinder

 d). 250 mL beaker

Give a reason for your choice.

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