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Welcome to the second homework of the Spring 2005 Modern Chemistry II course (09-106 S05)!

As you may know, in this course we are trying to provide you with the best learning opportunities. We do know that homework are powerful tools to help you in achieving in the course. That's why we are asking you to fulfill these activities. We really hope you find them interesting and fruitful!

In this homework, you will use the Virtual Lab to solve two problems that deal with heat transfer in solutions: the Coffee and Camping problems.

Remember that you can use these problems as many time as you need/want, since you are handed a different problem every time you load the page. Reload the page if you want to start a NEW problem.

For turning in this homework, you should deliver printed copies of the pages that state that the problem are solved and a description of your resolution process for the second problem (Camping).

Enjoy your work!

This one is the entry page for the second part: Coffee II.