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Each of these links goes to either a problem with its description, or, in the case of the scenarios, to a new website. All of the activities are Windows compatible. The Virtual Lab also runs on Mac OSX 10.1 or higher.

Virtual Lab Problems Tutorials, Courses and Concept Tests

Standard Problems [36]

Automatically Graded Problems [23]

Classroom specific activities [41]

  • Please to set-up activities for your students.

Tutorials - Online modules that include movies and text with interactive tutors

Video Lectures and Online Courses - Developed in collaboration with the Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University.

Concept Tests

Scenarios Simulations
  • Mixed Reception
    A murder mystery activity in which students use concepts of molecular weight and stoichiometry to solve the case (uses video and other multimedia).
  • Meals-Ready-to-Eat
    A thermochemistry problem about heating food while camping (a virtual lab activity).
  • Cyanine Dyes - DNA
    Combines equilibrium with UV/VIS spectroscopy to explore dyes that self-assemble into DNA templates (uses the virtual lab and a UV/VIS spectrometer simulation).
  • Acid Mine Drainage
    An activity in which students examine the chemistry of acidic mine runoff and its effects on river water.
  • Ozone
    Interpret raw data to determine the rate law and mechanism of stratospheric ozone depeletion (a paper and pencil activity).
  • Mission Critical Chemistry
    A thermochemistry problem in which students work collaboratively to develop a new fuel for a mission to Mars (uses the virtual lab and simulations).
  • Arsenic in Drinking Water
    Set in Bangladesh, this stoichiometry and analytical chemistry activity examines the issues around identifying and remedying wells contaminated with arsenic (a Virtual Lab activity, still under construction).
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