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The ChemCollective >> Comments and Discussion

Comments and Discussion

For each activity provided under Find Activities on the site, you will see an Instructor Comment link. To continually improve the effectiveness of the materials provided here, we welcome comments from instructors who use these activities. Your comments may take any form. Here are some topics of broad interest:

  • In what type or level of class did you use the activity?
  • How did your students respond?
  • What, if any, observations can you make about what they learned?
  • If you were going to use the same activity again, what might you do differently?

These activities, and your comments about them, are all going to be part of a digital library collection. When the technical aspects of this site are complete, your comments will be visible for anyone to read, alongside the activity the comments are about.

In the near future this site will also offer a forum to discuss innovations in your courses, share ideas for future scenario development, debate the virtues of various educational methods, find a collaborator for authoring new Virtual Lab problems, or just read about what others in the ChemCollective community are thinking here. Please contact us if you are interested in shaping these discussions.

   Page Last Updated: 08.19.2008