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The ChemCollective >> Share your classroom data

Share your classroom data to help us improve our materials

The activities on the ChemCollective are used by thousands of students each month. We are working continuously to improve our materials and to help bring the benefits of educational theory and best practices into classrooms. If you would like to join this effort, we are currently seeking classrooms and students to test new materials and provide us with valuable feedback.

We are especially looking for classrooms to participate in the following projects:

    Helping educators use virtual labs more effectively in classrooms.

    Description: This project is developing software that summarizes experiments performed in the Virtual Lab in a convenient visual manner. The goal is to allow instructors to quickly get information on how their students are approaching assignments. We are looking for teachers and educators who use the Virtual Lab in their classroom and are willing to participate in a short on-line user study to evaluate this software tool.

    How to Participate: Have your students complete an online virtual lab activity and we will send you the summarized output using our tool. We will then get your feedback on whether and how it was helpful to you. Please contact Ofra Amir () for more details.

    Assessing the impact of Mixed Reception on student motivation and learning goals in chemistry

    Description: In addition to being a fun way to learn chemistry, the Mixed Reception murder mystery was designed to give students a better perspective of what chemists do. This was motivated, in part, by a study we did that suggests students can succeed in an introductory chemistry course without getting a sense of what chemistry is as a profession. This project uses a survey to assess the degree to which the Mixed Reception activity alters student motivation and perceptions relating to the field chemistry.

    How to Participate: Have your students complete a 3 question on-line survey before and after using the Mixed Reception activity. Please contact for more details.

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