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We welcome activities you design using the Virtual Lab or other simulations, real-world scenarios that make chemistry more relevant to students, innovative text-only problems, or other creative activities you want to share in the spirit of promoting interactive and engaging online learning in chemistry.

Contributing activities or experiments for inclusion in the ChemCollective library is simple. You can choose how:

  • When your activity is developed and tested, you can the files and we will add it to our collection.
  • Or, you can maintain assignments on your course web site and to have it included on the list of Instructor Sites.

Since the activities in the collection were each developed for a particular student audience and setting, we would like to help other members of the community identify how they might be able to be used or adapted for different settings. When you submit to the collection, we encourage you to add your comments about how your students responded, any interesting learning outcomes, or any insights that may benefit future instructors using a similar activity.

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